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Walt and Linda Arvin
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Walt and Linda Arvin


Walt and Linda Arvin's Bio:

After 25 years of watching my husband work day and night to build and grow businesses he ran for others, I persuaded him to buy Precision Door Service. Since August of 2009, we have grown from 7 employees to 18 today, while servicing more than 6,500 New England families every year. Walt & I have lived in greater Boston for over 20 years. We raised two wonderful kids here and now share our house with Walt’s parents and our two dogs. Scroll down the employee list and you’ll see Gus and Marley (our two dogs) – that’s how they look when Walt hands out paychecks… hey, where’s mine! Although we try to make every experience pleasant and painless, we know that is not always the outcome. We ask that when this happens you let us know and we will do our best to solve the issue and make things right. Walt has always said, “you judge a company by how it handles problems, not how it handles the easy stuff!”